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Hi, i'm just jess.

(i'm not much of a "hey girl" girl.)

Even though most of the work we will do together will be about you, a little bit has to be about me, right? I truly believe that you have to do a little searching to find the absolutely PERFECT person to work with. There has to be a vibe. In the process of working on your branding there is a lot of back-and-forth ideas, inspiration, and opinions. I believe in honesty, openness to all points of view and, most importantly, there should be trust. 

I hope I can be the best match for you, let's connect and see.

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My Story

I am an art school drop-out.

That's right, I said it.


As a late bloomer, I suffered from a major case of imposter syndrome. I quit painting at the ripe age of 22 because I was afraid that I would never be a gallery artist in a big city. so why try? I spent years in the restaurant industry giving my soul to every guest that sat down at my bar. I took intense pride with being great at my job and giving people top notch service. I still maintain that set of values with my clients today, in fact almost 50% of my clients I remain in touch with, and some I can call my best friends.

A marriage, two beautiful children, and what seems like a lifetime, I came back to myself. The feeling that if I wasn't creating meaningful things on a daily basis, I wasn't truly living.

Today, I am an intuitive branding strategist. Because I found out that the gift I can give the world is to help other's lives. I love working with passionate business owners to develop the vision of how their brand should look, and most importantly feel. The experience that people have when they come to see you, to buy your services, to invest with you, the whole package is important. People eat with their eyes first, but when they dig into the center of the dish, it has to be made of ingredients that were seasoned correctly, components that were curated with care, and it has to be delicious. We all know that great food comes from the same place my brands come from, it comes from the soul. 


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I'm a creative. a passionate artist. a person who LOVES seeing other people win. a woman who uses her intuition to make others shine bright. a strategist. a mom and a wife. a best friend. a font nerd. a color fanatic. a truth-teller and a knowledge giver. I love thrift shops and peppermint tea with honey. I am the person that has a favorite mug. I truly believe that most things can be helped with a steaming hot shower and a pep talk. I am someone you can trust to take care of your business like it is my own.   

Want to know more about me?

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