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lala interiors

June. 2022 Branding and Social Styling

An experienced designer will be able to help you to uncover design solutions you never thought possible. Lala Interiors is able to interpret your ideas into a tangible plan as well as evaluate what is feasible in your space. A skilled design professional can advise you on the most important places to spend your money and where to save. Plus, she is amazingly fun to work with.

Branding Q&A with the talented Christi from Lala:

If your brand was a person, where would it hang out?

A swanky wine bar.

Can you describe your brand's style?

Eclectic, Global, Moody, Modern, Contemporary

What words would you use to describe your brand?

Curated-never Decorated

Collaboration, Curated, Unique, Eclectic, Bold

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