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Hi, i'm jess. artist and creative designer.

(i'm not much of a "hey girl" girl.)

Even though most of the work we will do together will be about you, a little bit has to be about me, right? I truly believe that you have to do a little searching to find the absolutely PERFECT person to work with. There has to be a vibe. In the process of working on your branding there is a lot of back-and-forth ideas, inspiration, and opinions. I believe in honesty, openness to all points of view and, most importantly, there should be trust. 

I hope I can be the best match for you, let's connect and see.

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My Story

I am an art school drop-out.

That's right, I said it.


As a late bloomer, I suffered from a major case of imposter syndrome. I quit painting at the ripe age of 22 because I was afraid that I would never be a gallery artist in a big city. so why try? Years in the restaurant industry taught me to take care of people. Because of this, you can expect personalized service with every step of the process. 

A marriage, two beautiful children, and what seems like a lifetime, I came back to myself. The feeling that if I wasn't creating meaningful things on a daily basis, I wasn't truly living. I know that you too have a family to provide for, and my main goal is to help you do that in the best way possible. I know that you have passion and an ultimate goal to leave your mark on this world, and again, we will work together to reach that goal.

Today, I am an intuitive branding strategist, and artist, and a creative designer. Because I found out that the gift I can give the world is to help other's lives. I love working with passionate business owners to develop the vision of how their brand should look, and most importantly feel. The experience that people have when they come to see you, to buy your services, to invest with you, the whole package is important.


People eat with their eyes first, but when they dig into the center of the dish, it has to be made of ingredients that were seasoned correctly, components that were curated with care, and it has to be delicious. We all know that great food comes from the same place my brands come from, it comes from the soul. Let's make your brand they same way, something that people want to furiously dig into, and do a happy dance after they do.


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I'm a creative. a passionate artist. a person who LOVES seeing other people win. a woman who uses her intuition to make others shine bright. a strategist. a mom and a wife. a best friend. a font nerd. a color fanatic. a truth-teller and a knowledge giver. I am the person that has a favorite mug. I truly believe that most things can be helped with a steaming hot shower and a pep talk. I am someone you can trust to take care of your business like it is my own.   


Q&A with Artist and Creative
Designer Jess Malli Mercier

Favorite Movie:
Princess Bride

How do you take your coffee?
Black. or a caramel latte, I am full of contradictions.

When did you first know that you were an artist?
I’m not sure when, but there was a shift in confidence. I used to say that I was a craftsman, a maker, that I was creative, but the day I started calling myself an artist was the day that I truly embraced who I was made to be.

What did you do before you started branding?
I was in the restaurant business for many years. Manager, pastry chef, line cook, bartender, server. 

What did you learn  in your years in restaurants?
That everyone deserves to be cared for. That really taking care of people, serving them a crafted cocktail, cooking them dinner, baking a birthday cake, these are a joy in life. Much of what I do now is rooted in service and in creating a one-of-a-kind experience.

Favorite Song?
Alaska, but Maggie Rogers
is my power song.

Favorite Ice cream?
Cookie dough or vanilla soft serve with rainbow sprinkles. I guess I never really grew up from the joy of rainbow sprinkles on my ice cream.

Best way to wind down?
A glass of whiskey, a hot shower, baking, chamomile tea, playing Guess Who with my daughter, or blanket forts with both of them. Cruising through the racks at a thrift store, chats on the phone with my sister and friends. Time with my art journal, painting, cooking.


Do you have anyone you would want to thank?

All my family and friends, the circle of people that surround me every day that fill me with confidence and hope. Also my clients. The people that put their investment and trust into me to help their dreams come true, they are really the ones that are making MY dreams come true.


What is your family life like?

I have an amazing husband who is totally supportive of all my crazy artistic endeavors. I have two girls, 7 and 6. They remind me how to have joy in my life. I am a special needs mom, my 7 year old has autism, and I know that she was put in my life for a reason. Some days are harder than others, but I feel like she opens my heart. When she is happy, you can feel her soul. My 6 year old is like a mini version of me, creative, always asking questions, has a strong will, and is very in touch with her emotions. We have a lot of joy in our home.

Any fun projects you have been working on?
I just started designing and creating custom hats. I needed a yin to my yang and an outlet for my hands to do work. The hats are amazing because I can help people find confidence with accessible and wearalbe art. I see a person change when they put on a hat. There is something magical about the way a person changes when they put on a hat.

Why do you love what you do?
I love that I can help others live their dreams. I work with so many passionate business owners who are trying to make the world a better place and also supporting beautiful families. If I can use my artistic gifts as a creative designer to help build them up and support their business, that is a huge win in my book.

Do you have any regrets in life?
Absolutely not. I think everything that we go through, we learn from. Every single moment of my life has brought me to right now, and I fully believe that the universe has put me on the path I am supposed to be on. and I am grateful.

Want to know more about me?

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