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One Twelfth Designs

May 2022. Brand Refresh. Web Design. Graphic Design.

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When I met Angie Johnson with One Twelfth, she already had some great things working for her. For starters, she had a really cool logo, which I didn't design, or re-design for that matter. The main issue was that was all she had. Besides her beautiful products and some killer photography, she didn't have any other brand elements. Her colors were black and white. There was no typography or fonts, no brand kit besides the logo files. So, we got to work right away establishing her point of view and identity.

Angie doesn't just make cute bags, they are sustainable, re-usable, and washable. Her company is also woman owned and operated and she employs other creative and passionate women. Her brand had much more to say than what met the eye. 

Then, we build a brand kit to give up elements to work with, colors, fonts, patterned elements. We have so much fun together coming up with ways to showcase her beautiful work.

The website was built to be clean, functional, and tell her story. 

Go check it out here:

Reusable Bags | One Twelfth Designs

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