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women wine and wellness.

September. 2022 Branding and Social Styling

Brand Vision:

Women, Wine & Wellness is on the cutting edge of women’s organizations in the United States. We are a dynamic group providing wellness education for women while we connect, learn, grow, and be inspired. Our events naturally attract professional women, women who are passionate about health, and women who just want a fun night out to connect with other women of the same interests.

Brand Goals:

To provide a space to link arms with like-minded women, personally as well as professionally. We maintain an atmosphere of acceptance, understanding, and creativity so you can thrive in all areas of life through building personal relationships. networking, and self-reflection.

Brand Tone:

Warm and inviting. Approachable, honest, and forward thinking. A confident voice that empowers others to grow in personal relationships as well as professionally. A focus on true connections and community.

Inspirational    Dependable    Supportive    Connection    Growth

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