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everything you need for a professional brand.

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Business Branding

We start with the soul of your brand. Your vision for the future. Your core values. Your goals for your success and for your clients. We dig deep into the meaning behind what you do and create a full brand story that captures the very essence of the entirety of your company and what you represent. Once your identity is developed, we move toward the creative process of building your brand visuals. As a self-proclaimed font nerd, I take choosing typography choices very seriously. We attach a dynamic color palette to your brand. A whole logo suite is custom built for you. All of the choices are made to create your professional and polished brand through an artistic and strategic journey.

Social Styling

Social Styling

Once your brand is created, you have all the tools to get out there an wow the world, but what if you need help getting started? The Social Styling package is what will help you. It includes custom strategy and templates for social posting, covers, and will set you up for success to build a cohesive look that will have followers flocking to your page. 

Website Design

Website Design

When we have created the perfect brand together, often times the next step is a great website. I offer custom Wix website design for the small business owner who needs a user friendly and visually appealing site. Completely designed just for you, with a focus on user experience. I would love to help you design the website of your dreams.

Creative Directing

Packages Starting at $2000

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Additional Services

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