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Social Styling

Customized for exactly who you are to attract your ideal clients.

What is Social Styling?

Social media is an ongoing task for small businesses and can be a major time suck. Social styling is a way for you to have a cohesive look without having to hire someone to take over your social media full time.


Content Pillars, Creative Ideas, Game Plan

Canva Overhaul

Full Set up of your Canva (Pro) Brand Kit

Custom Templates

Custom Templates, Cover Photos, Highlights, and Ad Design

What will we build together?

Not all templates are built the same. Not all templates are built specifically to you, your story, and your brand, but these will be. With your content strategy in mind, you will have a collection of graphics to use again and again that will save you time and energy for the mountain of social media that you are climbing. Stop your eyes from bleeding at 2am because you have been fiddling with that Canva template for hours trying to get it right. Step into a world of social styling that is one of a kind and built specifically for you.

for more branding examples head over to my project page

Image by freestocks

I'm ready,

Say no more. I'm ready for Social Styling

to get started.

Additional Services

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