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Business Branding

Consistent and Strategic Branding
for your Small Business

What is a Brand?

A strategic brand is a living breathing thing. It consists of three main components.

Brand Identity

Vision, Values, & Goals

Visual Branding

Color Palette, Typography, Logo Suite, and Imagery

Brand Positioning

Voice, Personality, and X-Factor

What will we build together?

Each of these elements are important to your strategic branding. The consistent visuals are grounded in your identity. The main goal of putting together all of these pieces is to form true connections with new people. Through the process of connecting and building trust, those connections become clients. Everything that you share, from your business card to social media, to your website, becomes another layer of building trust with your people. Telling your story, sharing your expertise, and showing the proof that you care about what you do and how you can help. 

Together, we will find your voice, determine the vision of your brand, solidify your goals. Then, we will represent these ideas through a stunning palette, typography that will tell your story, and build logos that will capture the essence of your business and be the icon of your brand. You will have clarity, a voice, and a clear view into where your business can go.

for more branding examples head over to my project page

Image by Christin Hume

I'm ready,

Say no more. Brand me.

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