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marlies ledbetter. ledbetter consulting

June. 2023 Branding.

Clarity Confidence Purpose Passion

Brand Vision:

Our brand vision is to empower individuals to embrace their inner warrior spirit by harnessing the healing power of plant medicine, daily practices, and trauma release. Through our boho vibe therapeutic coaching, we help you build confidence and find inner peace. Our goal is to create a community of individuals who are inspired to live authentically and fearlessly.

Brand Goals:

When you’re done with my sessions, you’ll feel like a warrior goddess. I’ll help you find your voice, your assertion for what you want and how to lean into it with specific exercises on empowerment.


Brand Tone:

Caring but bold. Someone that wants you to succeed so much that there will be passion behind her words. Commands a presence with warrior spirit, but also a feminine and nurturing. Like the breezy friend who will tell you exactly how it is, but will follow up with a warm embrace.

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