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Artistic Branding for Small Business

You deserve the tools that will give you connection to the people that you want to work with the most.    

Strategic & Artistic Brands. Sophistication & Consistency.

Headshot Jess Malli Mercier

Do you wonder how you can get your business to stand out? 

Do you spend hours working on a single graphic? Does your social media look like a different person is posting every single day? Do you have a logo but still feel like you are missing the thing that pulls it all together?

A full strategic and artistic brand can be the thing that brings your business to the next level. Your font choices will be less haphazard and more cohesive. Your color palette will be designed with you and your ideal clients in mind. You will have a roadmap both conceptually and visually that will cut through the noise and make your business stand out from the competition.

You will know more about your ideal client. You will have clear goals, a true identity, and a voice that will help you reach your dreams faster and with more confidence. You will have the consistency you deserve, and you will spend less time designing and more time doing what you do best, serving your clients.

"Jess did a brand for me recently and I absolutely LOVE her work! She has taken my business to the next level."

-Amanda with The Clay Junkie

Headshot Testimonial Client

What is the first step?



Click on the button below and book your free discovery call. Let's get to know each other and see if we are the best fit to work together!

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Dream Big

This is going to be an amazing ride.

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Headshot Jess Malli Mercier

Hi, I'm Jess.

a branding strategist, artist, and designer, known for my unique approach that blends artistic vision with intuitive design. My signature method, focusing on collaboration and deep dives into each brand's essence, crafts identities that are visually stunning and deeply resonant. Fueled by my passion for creativity and a knack for capturing the soul of a business, I operate out of my studio, where art and strategy collide to create memorable brands.

What does your brand say to your clients?

How we can work together

Branding Mockup Nicole Kalil

Business Branding

It starts with a deep dive into the makeup of your brand. Together, we develop who and what you are, and how it is all represented. A logo is just a logo, but a BRAND is a whole vibe. We build all the tools to entice the people you truly want to work with, so you can change lives, one client at a time. 

Social Styling Mockup

Social Styling

Social styling is how your brand presents itself on social media platforms. We will ensure that the content you put into the world is consistent with your brand's messaging by maintaining a consistent style across all social media channels, your business can increase your visibility, build credibility, and encourage engagement and conversions.

Business Card Design

Graphic Design

It is important that your marketing materials effectively communicate your brand message, make a memorable first impression, and evoke the right emotions from your audience. We will ensures that your materials are clear, concise, and visually appealing, ultimately driving engagement and conversion for your business.

"Jess was able to really capture my vibe while keeping the message pure and attractive.”

Marlies Ledbetter - Ledbetter Consulting

Headshot Client Testimonial

My Approach

The space where artistic intuition meets strategy.



The importance of clear and open communication between myself and clients is the key to my process. I encourage people  to express their ideas, preferences, and concerns openly, fostering an environment where feedback is constructive and welcomed. Effective communication ensures that everyone is aligned with the project's goals and vision. Scheduled meetings ensure that all areas of the design are covered, and that nothing gets lost in emails.



From the initial stages of brainstorming and conceptualization, I believe that intuition often leads to fresh and innovative ideas that can set our work apart from the competition. I foster an environment of creative thinking without the constraints of conventional norms or limitations. It is my secret sauce. I listen and solve problems through exploration and energy.



You are the expert in your business. I am here as a catalyst. Promoting collaboration between myself and my clients throughout the design process is paramount for success. Clients will be a large part of discussions about concepts, drafts, and revisions, as I seek their input and feedback at every stage. Collaboration ensures that the final marketing materials meet the client's expectations while leveraging my expertise and creativity.



While emotions play a significant role in marketing, I believe it's essential to balance emotional appeal with rational thinking. I encourage designers and clients to critically evaluate the emotional impact of their ideas and ensure they align with the brand's values and objectives. I emphasize the importance of authenticity and genuine connection with the audience, including telling stories through visual representation.

Logo Mockup Simply Designed Spaces

Is it time for us to meet?

Set up a time to talk with me in more depth about where you are in your business and how I might be able to help you!

more work

for more artistic branding head over to projects

just a few examples of my work

Canvas Rebel Article
Shoutout Houston Article

Client Testimonials

Christi- LaLa Interiors

"If you are on the fence about branding, or not sure what it means or what it can do for you- you need to chat with Jess Malli Mercier. The whole process was incredible! She’s so gifted and truly knows how to help you discover who you are and what you want your business to represent. Business branding is tricky thing- you don’t know it’s missing until you have it!"

Client Headshot Testimonial

Robyn White - RDW Design Studio

My standards are high and I know I can be hard to please but from the very beginning of working with Jess I felt I could trust her. She asked all the right questions and had a clear process that she guided me through. Her artistic intuition gives her a unique ability to see the whole vision, something many brand strategists lack. I highly recommend Jess if you're looking for a first class experience from an intuitive brand strategist with an artistic vision who will just get you.

Robyn White Headshot Client Testimonial

Kerry- Women Wine and Wellness

If you have been on the fence about hiring her, run don’t walk. Creating a brand is an experience with Jess. Her energy behind her work has created amazing energy within our organization and I am so grateful for the opportunity to work with her.

Kerry Walsh Client Testimonial Headshot

Are you ready to take it up a knotch?

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